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Our event calendar is used to share information of the events and safe space socials that the Cumbria Pride team have organised. To see a list of these with details, please head to our SAFE SPACE SOCIALS page.


We will also include other events around Cumbria on our calendar that have been shared with us by other organisations which are LGBT+ friendly. Please contact those organisations directly for more information about these.


You can click on any of the events in the calendar to find out more, and if you have an event that is LGBT+ friendly that you would like added please contact us at

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YouTube video by Stonewall for Ban Conversion Therapy

Content warnings: conversion therapy, abuse, coercion, transphobia, psychological harm.


Cumbria Pride are proud to join many other organisations in the BCT (Ban Conversion Therapy) Coalition, showing joint representation and support for a full ban in practice for ALL LGBT+ and an overall end to such therapy in all forms. Conversion therapy does not work, and survivors can suffer from lifelong emotional damage. It is not therapy - it is abuse. It has to stop!


Still today, more than 1.5 million LGBT+ people in England and Wales remain at risk of these harmful attempts to ‘cure' us. Over 5 years since the UK Government first promised the ban this is still happening today … including here in Cumbria!

We are calling for the next UK government to support a ban that leave no one behind! You can find out more about the campaign led by Stonewall at:

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They tried but they failed! We are pleased that the petition to ban all references of LGBT+ people from Relationship Education in schools was rejected, and thank everyone who joined us in signing the counter petition!


Fact - LGBT+ people exist, we have existed right throughout time, and will continue to exist whether talked about or not! Exclusion from education will NOT result in a reduction in people who are LGBT+, it can only result in a lack of confidence to be who we are, increasing the potential for low mental health, self harm and suicide.

Primary schools are not required to teach LGBT+ content, but they can choose to teach it in an age-appropriate way. By signing the counter petition it helped voice how important inclusive education is! We must remember that it's not just our children who may identify as LGBT+, but there are young children who have 2 Mums, or a brother who they once thought was a sister, or a sister who has a girlfriend, or a Grandma they used to call Grandad, or an Uncle who's getting married to their new Uncle ...


Inclusive education helps promote understanding of diverse families, encourages respect, and supports emotional well-being. We must continue to stride towards inclusion, and not step back!

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It was good to meet with John Stevenson, MP for Carlisle and Julie Minns, Labour's Candidate for Carlisle to talk about positive steps for inclusion in our local area.

Image: Some members of the Cumbria Pride Team with John Stevenson, outside our office holding the Progress Flag

Image: Some members of the Cumbria Pride Team with Julie Minns, outside our office holding the Progress Flag

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Don't forget this year's main Pride event will take place on Saturday 21 September 2024, 12:00-6:00pm in Caldew Riverside (Lower Viaduct) Car Park, Carlisle! We'll be celebrating 15 years of Cumbria Pride, acts yet to be announced. Head to our PRIDE page to find out more!

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