Cumbria LGBT Pride

Registered Charity no 1167160

Cumbria Pride is a volunteer-led community organisation established in 2009 that seeks to ensure that the LGBT+ community of Cumbria and its supporters are recognised, celebrated and supported through an annual Pride event. Our team came together to bring ‘Pride’ to Cumbria, to show that this is not just something for big cities but also for rural areas and the small towns! It has always been our aim to keep this event completely free of charge. As a committee we feel this is important for our community so that the positive messages of inclusion can reach as many people as possible. 

Whilst society has come a long way from the Stonewall riots which is how ‘Pride’ originally all began, still today some members of the LGBT+ community suffer discrimination, exclusion and many are afraid just to be who they are. 

Often Pride is viewed as just a ‘party’, and yes partly it is a celebration of strength and unity, BUT it is also a vitally important event which offers support to LGBT+ youngsters, teens, adults, seniors, their families, their friends, employers, and so on. All within a safe place where everyone can feel welcomed, included and able to be who they are. 


By contributing to the internationally recognised Pride movement, Cumbria Pride takes a positive stance against discrimination, delivering an inclusive event which promotes cohesion and celebrates diversity. Pride events stand for inclusivity, visibility, having fun, and celebrating love and equality rather than fighting for it!