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As our physical presence in the community has significantly reduced, and sadly we have now had to cancel our 2020 event, we are very eager to work on increasing our virtual presence. Our project aims to combine a good mixture of advice, messages, memories, information, and music which we will present in various digital forms. Each month we will look at a different LGBT+ topic, starting in September 2020 which will be all about ‘Cumbria Pride’.

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We are welcoming everybody who wants to contribute to this project to get involved! To do this we are asking for voluntary submissions of recorded footage. This could be a short message or statement relating to any of the topics on our Virtual Project calendar, or any other LGBT+ issue. We would love as many people to get involved as possible and there are only a few simple rules you need to follow to do so:


  • Make your recording using a phone/camera/camcorder/etc, but make sure it is filmed in landscape mode so that it will fill the screen (HD preferred)

  • Recordings can be as short as 15 seconds up to 5 minutes long

  • Cumbria Pride is family friendly so recordings must be suitable for all ages

  • Please do not add any icons, graphics, frames or captioning to your recording

  • We cannot accept any copywrite material so please only send recordings you can legally allow us to share

  • You are welcome to submit as many different recordings as you like

  • We cannot guarantee that all submissions will be included, but if chosen please be aware that they may be used in full or part within Cumbria Pride’s virtual project which could include website/social media/tiktok/you tube

  • Any footage including children (under 18) must have permission from their legal parent/carer

  • All submissions must be accompanied by a signed submission form which can be downloaded below

Recordings should be submitted by email to

(if sending larger files you might consider using


If you would prefer, sound only, photographs and/or written text could be sent in place of recorded footage.

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